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Adventure Racing Awesomeness!

From beginners to advanced racers…EX2 adventure races will test your limits!

What is an adventure race you ask?  We’re glad you asked…because we think they are awesome!  So here we go…all of our adventure races contain mountain biking, trail running or trekking, and some sort of paddling. At the beginning of each race you are given a map with checkpoints (location) on it and an instruction sheet with clues to help you find each checkpoint. The instruction sheet also tells you the order in which the checkpoints must be found and how you will travel to each point (e.g., by mountain bike, foot, or canoe). The goal of the race is to find as many checkpoints as possible in the allotted race time using only the map, instruction sheet, a compass, and your brain. Think of it like a scavenger hunt in the woods!


September 30, 2023
Schaeffer Farms
Germantown, MD

VQ returns on Saturday September 30, 2023 with a brand new course!!  VQ has challenged, rewarded, and inspired close to 3500 athletes in its 12 year history.  VQ is where is all began for EX2!  In 2023, VentureQuest offers a 6-hour course and a 10-hour course.

VentureQuest is a sprint and middle distance adventure race that is held in the suburbs of Washington DC.  The terrain is gorgeous and has a truly remote feel for being so close to a major metro area. Racers love the fact that they can compete in a challenging adventure race so close to home.