Spring Backyard Burn Trail Running Series

5 Mile or 10 Mile
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Spring Backyard Burn Trail Running Series

The 21st annual Spring Backyard Burn (SBYB) Trail Running Series is a series of 5 and 10 mile trail running races held on some of the best trail networks in the Northern Virginia Area. All the courses include a mixture of forested fire roads, twisty hiking trails, stream crossings, grassy fields, and minimal pavement.

The Spring and Fall Series are both independent of each other and you can race in just one race or sign up for multiple races and receive 10% off each race. After each race, awards are presented to the top five finishers in each age group. In addition, a point system adding competitors’ race point totals will be used to determine the top five series finishers in each age group. Series prizes and awards are presented at the final race of the series.  Racers must complete in at least two races (same distance) to be eligible for series prizes.

Take advantage of 10% savings on each race by signing up for multiple races in the series.

Wakefield Park

Sunday March 3, 2024
Wakefield Park
Annandale, VA

Located a stones throw from the Capital Beltway, Wakefield Park offers racers a fast and super fun course that includes twisty single-track hiking trails, wide doubletrack trails, a little pavement, and several shallow stream crossings – a perfect course to kick-off the SBYB series.

Hemlock Overlook

Sunday March 17, 2024
Hemlock Overlook
Clifton, VA

Hemlock Overlook, located along the banks of the historic Bull Run, feels surprisingly remote for being so close to Washington D.C. This beautiful race course consists mostly of hiking trails (including the Bull Run Occoquan Trail), old dirt roads, and open fields. Competitors will run over rocks and roots and along bull run. The course is designed to be spectator friendly with several areas designated for family and friends to cheer on their racers.

Lake Fairfax

Sunday April 14, 2024
Lake Fairfax
Reston, VA

Located in Reston, VA, Lake Fairfax has a beautiful lake and an awesome trail network. Our courses hit the best singletrack and include some great views of the lake.

Laurel Hill

Sunday April 28, 2024
Laurel Hill
Lorton, VA

Located just south of the Capital Beltway in Lorton, this beautiful race course includes a mixture of forested and open meadow singletrack meandering through 1600 acres of the former prison grounds. The race starts and ends under the old guard towers at the Workhouse Arts Center, which is the site of the former Lorton Reformatory.  The course is one of our least technical and most of it is on singletrack that is a mix of dirt and crushed stone.  The only short pavement sections are at the beginning and end of the race.

Registration Fees

5 Mile 10 Mile
$45 to $60 $55 to $67.50


  • save 10% per race when you sign up for multiple races in the series at the same

Point Series Information

Points are awarded to the top 20 places in each age group. The last race in the series carries a bonus of 10 points.  The top 5 most points in each age age group after the last race in the series will win credit towards future EX2 races. $50 for 1st place, $40 for 2nd place, etc. Racers must race in at least 2 of the 4 series races to be eligible for series prizes.

Position Points Position Points
1st 50 points 11th 11 points
2nd 41 points 12th 9 points
3rd 35 points 13th 8 points
4th 30 points 14th 7 points
5th 26 points 15th 6 points
6th 23 points 16th 5 points
7th 20 points 17th 4 points
8th 17 points 18th 3 points
9th 15 points 19th 2 points
10th 13 points 20th 1 point
Position Points
1st 50 points
2nd 41 points
3rd 35 points
4th 30 points
5th 26 points
6th 23 points
7th 20 points
8th 17 points
9th 15 points
10th 13 points
11th 11 points
12th 9 points
13th 8 points
14th 7 points
15th 6 points
16th 5 points
17th 4 points
18th 3 points
19th 2 points
20th 1 point

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